What Are We Thankful for This Month?

It’s November, and in the US that means celebrating what we’re thankful for.

Good writing is certainly near the top of my list, but I’m also grateful for my ever-growing team of editors who are providing amazing assistance to authors of all types, and my business partner David, who challenges me every day to see beyond my perceived limits.

This month, I asked my editors to weigh in on what they have to be thankful for over the past year in terms of exhibitions or art spaces that they found inspiring, resources that you found or that were created to help you, or anything that has generally improved their personal or work life.

Here is a selection of their responses:

A Black sculptor sits on a stool in a studio space, surrounded by plaster heads.

Kaylee Alexander, Dissertation editor

In November, NC-based sculptor Stephen Hayes is unveiling his new monument, Boundless, in Wilmington! His sculpture honors the US Colored Troops (USCT) who fought in the Civil War, and is being unveiled by the Cameron Art Museum. His figures were modeled on descendants of the USCT.

Find out more about sculpture and its unveiling on the November 13 and 14 on the Cameron Art Museum’s website.

A black-and-white image of a woman in black winter clothing in front of a Barbara Kruger artwork that says "Greedy Schmuck"

Leslie Castro Woodhouse, Developmental editing

I just saw the Barbara Kruger show at the Art Institute of Chicago last week… It was fun and interactive! This is me in front of one of the works.

The show is up until January 24, 2022.

Katherine Fusco, Developmental editing

For keeping various writing projects organized and tasks out of my head, I am thankful for the app Todoist.

Check it out here!

The bottom of a tree trunk that's been fashioned into a fairy house with sticks for a doorway and a pebble path.

Maria Snyder, Translator

I’m inspired by the model of public art provided by the fairy houses of Mackworth Island. Imagine a community art space where anybody can participate, the space is accessible, the materials are free and environmentally friendly (leaves, sticks, pinecones, shells), and you can judge community engagement without using a survey.

And on top of that, the work seems to propagate itself. I’ve seen fairy houses in other parks, on street corner tree stumps, and in gardens. There’s something welcoming about them.

Check out Maria’s photos here!

A ballerina dances on a stage, her body upright with her left arm overhead and right arm extended back, toward her outstretched right foot.

Liz Stern, Copyeditor

I was inspired, as I am every year since it started, by World Ballet Day (in October). Major ballet companies around the world have livestreams and various broadcasts you can tune into for free. I love watching company class probably more than I do rehearsals or clips from performances–an intimate look at the daily rituals of dancers. (Some of the streams are still available on YouTube for anyone interested.)

Otherwise, I’m enjoying autumn here in these parts (southern Germany). I got away from the desk briefly for a quick couple days in the Alps. Always grateful to get outside and burn off some physical energy as a break from mental work. Here’s a photo of Saxerspitze from the valley floor–a mountain my partner and I climbed over the summer and quite a hulking beauty.

An artwork by Yolanda Lopez with a centralized female figure, represented in the style of Mexican saints with a full-body halo, wrapped in a star-festooned drape and wearing a pink dress.

Erin Aldana, Application editor

I am thankful that museums are reopening in San Diego. There is a retrospective of the work of Yolanda Lopez at the Museum of Contemporary Art that I am planning to see. Unfortunately, the artist passed away before the exhibition opened, which was the first major retrospective of her work.

Check out the museum’s website for more details.

A trail through the woods surrounded in brightly colored fall leaves.

Catherine Lacroix, Proofreader

I’m grateful for the nice weather and fall colours here in Canada.

Jennifer Farned, Copyeditor

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to travel and get out to some museums lately. In the past couple of months I’ve been to the Getty Center in LA and the Portland (OR) Art Museum. I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of obsessed with this Courbet at the Getty.

Marcel Duchamp at approximately age 70 wearing a plaid shirt and smiling in a televised interview.

Penny Jones, Bibliographer

I’ve spent the past year and a half looking at older art docs and interview clips on YouTube, along with violin, cello, and quartet master classes and other music delights.

Here’s a 1956 interview with Marcel Duchamp sporting a wonderful plaid shirt!

Molly Di Grazia

It might sound silly, but what has improved my workspace and I am thankful for is a good pair of bookends! I’m no longer distracted by slouching spines and stacks above my desk and it’s very visually soothing to me. A quick Google image search reveals how such a simple, functional item can be interpreted so creatively.

Um, I’d say so!